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Our Mission Statement


“Transforming Lives by Being the Body of Christ”


As God’s Church our mission is not to simply exist.  Transforming means change must occur in our lives and behavior, which is the call of Scripture on each of our lives (Rom 12:1).  I rejoice in the call of Scripture to be ever open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  We all have the opportunity to be led by the Spirit of God into deeper levels of understanding of what it means to be a faithful disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As we fulfill the Lord’s call for us to BE HIS BODY we will have opportunity to help transform the lives of those around us; as they see His genuine work in us.

            One principle of the process:

“Put yourself in a place where you can be fed ~ Then go find a place that you can feed.”

How?  Our Fellowship on Sunday is a necessity.  But we need more personal discipleship, guidance, prayer, and nurturing.  By joining small groups we can be fed a steady diet of Christian love and learning that meets the needs of the moment.   There are many ways that we can feed others.  We can host or teach a small group.  We can lead a children’s Sunday school class, a youth class, not to mention men’s and women’s ministries.  God will lead us to those opportunities - all He asks is that we be faithful when they come. 

We're sharing a message of HOPE with our fellow Montanans.
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