A place to worship Jesus in Big Sky Country
We're a simple Bible believing and teaching ministry. The Word of God is our joy and our guide.
Come and join us at the Eureka Church of God.
A truly Montana men's ministry.
Can you be a strong, outdoor, Montana man and love Jesus Christ?

Christianity is not a weakness!  There is no stronger man than the man who knows that he is forgiven.  Having given his life to Jesus Christ that man is also filled with the Holy Spirit of God who will lead, guide, and strengthen him.  The man of God is a pillar of strength - not an emblem of weakness.  Our culture has made "Christian men" out to be some limp-wristed, weak, and anemic person that isn't strong enough to get through life without a crutch.  HA!!  Throughout the bible we see the most spectacular of men, men of renown who were strengthened and instructed of the Lord - If  the creator of heaven and earth shall be with us, in us, what shall stand against us!

 Our men's ministry is very important to the overall work that God is doing in and through our congregation.   God has called us as men to lead.  We are to lead others to know Him.  We are to lead, care for, and love our families with a servant's heart.  When we are strengthened as Christian men our families are strengthened also.

One of the great men's minitries that has been operating for the last decade is our men's group.  Men's group is just a group of ordinary fella's that want to find answers to the struggles and issues that they face on a regular basis.  Those answers are found in the word of God, rather than the opinions of men - which are not worth a hoot.  No matter the question or topic God's Word can answer.  It's a great time to grow in your knowledge of scripture while learning how to apply it to life.  It's REAL LIFE LEARNING!

Men's group meets every Thursday night at 6:30 - meetings are typically In the media room across from the pastors office.  You can call 297-2941 or email the pastor at eurekapastor@interbel.net  to get more details.

 This is another example of our great opportunities to come together as brothers in Christ, and have a blast.  This is a great time.  No cost to attend.  Kids 10 and up welcome. Forgive me for the old poster, but just haven't found a better one yet..lol!

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We're sharing a message of HOPE with our fellow Montanans.
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